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Wednesday morning, I looked at the weather chart and waves and decided to go fishing from Houston to venice la. We did not have reservations with captain eddie when we left. On the way, we called three times and after 6 P M he returned the call. He was busy for Thursday and found another captain for us. Captain hunter said he was waiting for us but had insufficient gas for night fishing. We arrived at 11 PM but no hotel, they were all full. Went to the marina and the captain found lodging at kingfish inn. It was nice. In the morning, 5AM, I walked to the truck \, wind was blowing like hell. All the metorically study and checking weather numerous times each day went down the drain. We met the captain at 5:30 and he said offshore will be no good, tall waves, rough and wet seas. Decided on river and bay fishing for trout. At 10 AM, we ran out of live bait and then purchased dead shrimp. Returned to where we were fishing before on the Mississippi river. Eric and I were locked in an argument about how to present the dead shrimp to the fish. He throws his line in and got a bite. He said it’s a big fish, maybe tuna in the river. I thought it to be a drum or redfish. After 20 minutes of fighting, captain gafts a 42 lb river catfish. Peter dropped a rod and reel in the river. We do not know how he managed that. We cleaned the catfish and about 75 trout and returned to Houston . the catfish and the number of trout grew in size and number before we reached our destination. The catfish has now grown to over 50 lbs and number of specks in undetermined at this time. A good time was had by all considering the lack of preparation.
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