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Van Staal

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Has anyone used a Van Staal for popping? Any input would be great!
I'm thinking of buying one for my OTI 7'6".
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Hey Fish!

I haven't yet had the pleasure to fish with the VS, but I've held it, seen drag pulled off it etc.

IMO, the VS, the Stella, Saltiga, Accurate TwinSpin are all in the top class of HD spinning reels.

They do all have minor plus and minus points when compared to each other, but unless you're extremely picky about what exactly you want in a reel of this class, you will do well with any of them.
I use a VS 250 for tuna popping. Once you get used to not having a bail you will never want a bail again for throwing poppers. The drags are plenty strong for tuna. If you are planning to jig with it as well get the bailed version as even with a gloved hand getting the line on the roller with a tuna taking line can make for a hair raising experience.
Thanks for the input guys.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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