V-Blade Jigs with 4X Mustad Hooks!!!!!!!!!!

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    New V-Blade Jigs. Here is our newest jigs jigs available from Striker Offshore Tackle

    $15.00 per jig or a set of 5 for $70.00

    ********* 1 of the jigs glow-in-the-dark ************
    6 inches in length.
    500lb assist hook line with extra heavy duty hardware.
    The jigs come with two 6/0 Mustad 4X assist hooks

    GREAT FOR FISHING: Tuna, Snapper, AmberJack, and Grouper
    Visit us today @ www.strikertackle.com to purchase while supplies last!!! We can also send an invoice thru PayPal for payment.

    *** FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99.00*********
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