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Using the Rail

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Is using the rail permitted on 52 hour trips aboard the Big E? If so, what are the considerations of ettiquette with regard to using the rail if and when you are without harness, and being taken around the boat, having to move with a big fish? Thanks.

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Calstar rep, Ceasar gave very good and right advice to you.
it is a murder to fight with long rod on a harness. When you use the rail, the length of rod is not important. Actually it is easier to fight a tuna with longer rod using the rail when tuna makes circles under the boat.
We use 7 - 8 ft rod, even 9 ft. But it doesn't take more time to land a tuna than guys who use shorter rods when using the rail with heavy drag.
I always tell the light drag kills you, not the longer rod.

As the rails of the West Coast long range boats are wider and low, it is very hard to fight tuna effectively using the rail compared to the East Coast boats ( the Big E is very similar to the East Coast boats).

When I posted that I usually use the rail to fight tuna as my jiigging rod is long years ago, I was critisized that using the rail is not sportic and it is not allowed to be recognized by IGFA. When I fished on Qualifier 105 last fall when we encountered many cows, mates asked us not to use harness, but to use the rail. Time chanes. :)

The famous rail fisherman Roy Sakul fighting a cow using the rail on the Excel at Hurricane Bank.

See how easy to fight a tuna on the East Coast boat where the rail is high. :)
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