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Using the Rail

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Is using the rail permitted on 52 hour trips aboard the Big E? If so, what are the considerations of ettiquette with regard to using the rail if and when you are without harness, and being taken around the boat, having to move with a big fish? Thanks.

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I holler 'Over you' or 'Under you' as I weave thru. I am always amazed out how well coordinated the dance is when you have a group who know what they are doing. Feels great to be a part of it, esp when everyone dancing gets that Yellow in the boat.

But if someone is yelling at you because you are not moving and following your fish, or you left an unattended rod at the rail, you should take it personnally. :rolleyes:

All I fish now are the party boats, and I think most of my good fish lost are due to above two issues, but primarily getting hung up on an unattended rod (sometimes with a bait in the water!). So I don't wait or hesitate to move an unattended rod anymore. But I always take great care to move it very gently and lovingly. :D
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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