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Using the Rail

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Is using the rail permitted on 52 hour trips aboard the Big E? If so, what are the considerations of ettiquette with regard to using the rail if and when you are without harness, and being taken around the boat, having to move with a big fish? Thanks.

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Great points Ronnie!

And most important of all, don't take ANY yelling personal!

Ronnie mentions a trance-like state of mind and he's 100% right.

I took my younger brother on a Big E trip and I worked with him chunking to hook him up with his first YFT.

That 76# fish hit exactly as I described to Jason and he did everything right!

When the fish started around the boat, Jason became this "Jekyl & Hyde" character when he started yelling "Coming down!" , "Move it", "Under!, "Over", etc.! LOL

This kid is a mild mannered, laid back bio chemist by day, but that fish temporarily transformed him into the Tasmanian Devil!

After he landed the YFT, he went and apologized to the guys that moved for him because he felt bad for yelling. But he said at the time, his adrenaline just got the best of him.

So don't take it personally, just do what you can at the moment to help anyone in your area to land their fish.

This is where karma really does a nasty boomerang move back!
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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