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Using the Rail

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Is using the rail permitted on 52 hour trips aboard the Big E? If so, what are the considerations of ettiquette with regard to using the rail if and when you are without harness, and being taken around the boat, having to move with a big fish? Thanks.

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That is one great pic of Roy Sakul on the rail. That picture looks like it was taken right before it snapped. I would have to say that is the max a rod can take before it ends up in the burn pit or trash can. I still like that cheater "T" bar you use in the standard rod holder on a normal boat. I going to have one made and have my wife give it to me for Christmas. She can never get me anything because I always buy it myself.
ksong: Would this be a good jigging rod for the rail in your opinion? (I have also heard that you cannot use a spinning rig at the rail--so maybe not.)

This is why its tough to use a spinner on the rail. Note angler on left has his guide on the rail. This is what happens to girly men. Disaster ready to happen.


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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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