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Using the Rail

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Is using the rail permitted on 52 hour trips aboard the Big E? If so, what are the considerations of ettiquette with regard to using the rail if and when you are without harness, and being taken around the boat, having to move with a big fish? Thanks.

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etiquette when you are coming down the rail is to move..... if someone doesnt move- YOU MOVE THEM... that is if the deckhand doesnt do it first..... its called the "tuna shuffle"..... Gets my blood pumping just thinkg about the yelling and screaming... FISH!! Move!!!!! we lift rod or go under depending on where you line is in relation to ours.. if you are over our line. we kneel down and you go over us- if we are over your line:we raise our rod high and you go under..... you have to be vocal though so they can hear you.....some of us go into a trance and zombie-out when it gets slow... LOL!
another good reason NOT to leave your rods at the rail unattended.. they will get moved... LOL!!! If you aint tending to it in .. put it up.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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