Using leaders for bucktails>?

Discussion in 'Reef fish' started by jiggawhat, May 14, 2009.

  1. jiggawhat

    jiggawhat Senior Member

    Ok guys just wanted some input on jigging with bucktails for snapper.Leader or just tie straight to the mono?If so how long and does fluoro matter?Thanks again.
  2. lordhell

    lordhell Moderator

    straight to mono will work just fine IMO.

  3. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    straight to mono will work just fine IMO.

    If you are asking about 2 to 6 oz large buck tail or snapper slapper jigs for red snapper?
    I agree, 50 lb mono, maybe 80 lb if Sows are expected.
    100 lb or over slows the bite down..But Floro is not required.

    If you are asking about, Yellow tail and such FLA fish then yeah floro couldn't hurt.

    Back to the TX coast, I've seen Bucktails out fish Bait when covered up with lane and vermillion
    snapper with straight mono. Floro sure why not? 30 to 50 lb, Med size spin outfit, ie kingfish rig, 20 to 40 main line,Ande of Big game, small black swivel then 3ft of floro,30 to 50 lb. Toss under hand up current.....

    My $.02