upsized spanish mac rig for tuna?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by nxtbgctch, Apr 6, 2009.

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    A method I picked up pier fishin for smacks in FL was a carolina rig with an egg sinker, swivel, 4ft of 80lb and a small clark spoon. You could cast the thing a mile cause the spoon was light enough to travel well behind the weight. The fish loved it.

    Well Im always tryin to think of dif ways to do stuff and was thinking of uping the weight to about 4oz and goin with the biggest clark spoon. The target would be GOM school size tuna.

    The upside would be you could cast it a mile and it would be easy to fish dif water depths. Potential downers of would they hit a leader that short and would the largest clark spoon hold up to a big fish?

    Anybody ever tried something similar?

    Thoughts to help us get through a Monday afternoon?
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    Yeah. All the time. The rig you just described is one of the "old school" staples of deep trolling. It's not a rig for casting. Substitute the egg sinker for a torpedo weight and put about 50' of heavy mono in back of it. Add a trace of wire and then attach the big clark spoon. Forget tuna. You'll hammer the wahoo and kings with that rig.

    One word of advice, fish this rig on 80lb or heavier braid.