Upgrade my TLD 25 and Penn 114HLW for Long Range Trips?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by red34, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Is it worth spending the $$ on? If so, what should be done?

    I have replaced the handle on the TLD with one from T-Bar and I was thinking about switching the drag to Carbonex. The Penn is brand new out of the box.
  2. SkeeterRonnie

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    not really. the tld with the handle upgrade is about the max you can do to them without spending enough to justify buying an AVET 30w.

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    I don't know TLD's very well, but I have one of those 114 HLW's. I've beat hell out of it and it still works fine. Good basic reel; it don't need any upgrades. I've seen some goofy long handle upgrades that fit them, but I don't know what in hell I'd do with it, as I can overpower the rig with the stock handle - personal preference, I guess. As for the drag, it's ok as-is - it ain't for finesse fishing but it works.

    You can fill it up with 100 lb mono and put a couple hundred feet of 130 (or heavier) braid on top of the mono, then drag high-speed trolling lures and/or bottom fish with it. It holds about a mile of line, so if you try to fill it up with braid it'll put you in the poor house. Put a terminal leader of mono or floro; it'll give it a little more spring to compensate for a heavier action pole. Make sure your splices will go through the guides. Put it on a pretty stout pole with a front handle that can take the abuse of you putting it down on the rail. For bottom fishing, hammer the drag down. When you get a bite, put the pole on the rail and wind your ass off - it'll hold together.

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    i haven't figured this one out....what does it mean?
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    i haven't figured this one out....what does it mean?

    L Laugh
    M My
    A Arse
    O Off

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    I did the Penn 114H upgrade. The new frame cuts down on the gap in between the spool and the frame for line to get stuck in. Aside from the handle feeling nicer and the frame being stronger I think you can get away with stock if needed.

    Some pics I posted of mine a while back.



    That frame is actually pretty cool. It's kind of a $50 saddle on a $5 horse, but I can see how it would work well. As for it being wasted money, hell, I once souped up a garden tiller, so I understand, and who am I to talk anyway.

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    not really. the tld with the handle upgrade is about the max you can do to them without spending enough to justify buying an AVET 30w.

    This is a TLD 25. Not many upgrades that I know of. Carbontex drag is worthwhile and cheap ($19 at SmooothDrag, cheaper using Penn washers). He already has the handle. Alan Tani has a nice tutorial on hotrodding the single speed TLDs

    If it was a two speed, then there are more options:

    Topless frame - $168 (I got mine for less that $100 on ebay)
    Drag plate - $30
    Bearing kit - $30
    Total - $228

    That's a lot cheaper than the $470 - $500 for a Avet 30W, when you already have the reel. It wouldn't make much sense buying new, I agree, but that's for a 2 speed anyway.

    I have several TLD 25's with handles and drags and like them a lot. I like the 2 speeds even better. It's a good reel that I can tear down and put back together in my sleep. In fact, I have 19 of them, from TLD5's to TLD30's. I just need a 50LRS to complete the set
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    The amount of line a 114HLW holds was brought up above. Mine held 600 yds of 130lb Jerry Brown hollow. 130lb is much greater strength than the real can handle but I couldnt imagine purchasing 1000 yds of 100lb.