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Hey Guys,

There are a couple of events coming up in Corpus Christi, so I thought I would post them here and if anyone wants more details I can post more or PM info to whoever asks.

April 26-29 - Texas International Boat Show - Downtown Corpus Christi Marina - This should be an awesome show with quite a few boats of all kinds. This will be an in the water show, plus quite a few displays up on the T-heads. Here is the link to their website:


April 20 & 21st - Roy's Bait and Tackle Customer Appreciation Days
I think they have this show twice a year, and this is their spring version. It'll be in a huge tent outside, and Reps from Shimano, Penn, Quantum and many others will be on site for the event. Sale includes some substantial discounts, door prizes and usually some sort of free refreshments. I should have more details later. This will be the same weekend as the Grand Opening of the new Ronnie's Marine location right next door to Roy's Bait and Tackle. Should be a heck of a crowd and all sorts of neat things to see.

More later.

Tom - DBG
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