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  1. Ruud4u

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    Hi there!

    I'm into a new JM 300/350 rod (Powerspell or Custom) to add to my jigging-gear.
    Thinking of going to overhead this time 'cause want to target med-sized AJ's, Bass, Drum, Groupers, Pargo's (Snapper)30# to 80# size...
    Line will be PE5 or PE6, jigs or lures 220-380 grs.
    Trouble is I'm looking for a rock-solid, reliable LEFT-hand NARROW jigging OH-reel and was thinking of a Daiwa Saltiga Z30-L...

    Am I underpowered with this choice :confused: ?

    Any experience related comments/advice, pro's & con's or good stories are welcome!

    P.S: I know there are lot's of right-handed reels to choose from and eventually could get used to using one, BUT i don't want to ****-up! So it'll have to be a lefty!
    Do have an AVET-L but don't like the drag-binding so....
  2. d-a

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    There's not many choice in lefthanded overheads. You should be fine though


  3. papio

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    I'm a lefty too and not impress with Accurate or Avet. Don't think ur underpowered with size fish ur after. Use good rod technique and u should be ok. I have the SA 40 as the 30 is too small for me. Good luck.
  4. lordhell

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    That Saltiga is a solid reel for that JM 300/350, but if you are targeting bigger fish like bluefin tuna, you might need more line capacity and stronger drag. I recommend you just pony up the $$ for a left handed version of the Alutecnos Gorilla 12, here are some places online to order them:

    Alutecnos Gorilla Reel from alltackle.com

    or call TackleDirect to order:

    Alutecnos Albacore 12 Gorilla Reels

    I have a Gorilla 20 and the reel is solid like a tank. The 20 is a good chunking/live baiting reel, you should stick to the 12 for jigging. Should make short work of your target fish species.
  5. BretABaker

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    JM 350 is fine using a 3/0 up to around 24lbs of drag.....its likely fine on a 4/0 with a bit higher drag due to how the line comes off the reel but i don't know as i only fished it with a 3/0 reel.

    JM 350 is more like a normal 500g rod as far as strength. if you plan to use 25-30lbs of drag then yes a 400-500g would be better, but most guys dont use this much drag consistently.