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  1. venicenporta

    venicenporta Guest

    I'm banned on 2cool for some reason and was wondering if anyone knows a remedy and/or why.
  2. Snagged

    Snagged Senior Member

    Suggest that you contact Mont and ask why.

  3. venicenporta

    venicenporta Guest

    I tried...no response at all and I have no idea what I did.
  4. Bret

    Bret Senior Member

    I tried...no response at all and I have no idea what I did.

    were you involved in the "snitch" thread about calling the gamewarden on illegal fishing?????
  5. venicenporta

    venicenporta Guest

    just a couple of semi arguments
  6. awesum

    awesum Senior Member

    Venicenporta .....

    I come in peace.

    I really haven't a clue as to why Mont banned you from 2cool but let me offer this.

    You started a thread where you said you had a bunch of pictures of Mangrove Snappers you had been catching but when you tried to post the pics you got error messages that told you the files were too large. I posted to you instructions for resizing pics.

    After viewing what were obviously some gorgeous Mangos much nicer than any I or anyone I know had caught out of Port A I posted to you asking what you were using for bait and how you were fishing for them. I did not ask you for GPS numbers or secrets , however, you posted back to me that you were doing this for a living and were not going to give out any secrets.

    I accepted this and moved on. However, your reply apparently angered some other posters and in one reply you gave some obviously errant information. I never opened the thread again but maybe it escalated from there.

    A more appropriate reply might have been, "awesum ..... I'm sorry but I have a charter boat and I do this for a living and my well being depends on guarding such things closely enough that I can continue to put clients on these fish. Otherwise I would generously share this information with you..."

    Please remember that we are all bretheren here .... and certainly Mont feels so.

    Those are still some gorgeous Mangos...

  7. venicenporta

    venicenporta Guest

    I thought that was more or less my reply, I'm sorry if that angered people but he has NO right to require me or anyone else to give away any secrets, much less everything. He will not even explain his actions and that is odd for a well respected website.
  8. STx Fisherman

    STx Fisherman Senior Member

    I think that you will learn that there are many things that Mont will not tolerate on his website.

    Just from reading the board for a while...I can say that Mont does not tolerate a few things on 2cool, mainly nonsense. Mont does not tolerate vulgarities...whether it be language, pics, T&A discussions, etc. He does not tolerate boisterous behaviour on his website. You may or may not agree with Mont, but it is his website and he caters to a family style atmosphere and does not want to expose young fishermen/fisherwomen to any behavior that is contrary to setting a good example.

    I tip my hat to Mont...and respect his overall intent with 2cool. I think that once you recognize and respect his style of running a website that he will probably let you back in. He can be very tough with posters...but he is committed to keeping his website clean...and has every right to slap some hands to keep things in order as he deems appropriate.

    I'm not trying to lecture you here....just trying to help you understand Mont and the 2cool board.
  9. Bellyups

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  10. Bellyups

    Bellyups Senior Member

    Just from reading the board for a while...I can say that Mont does not tolerate a few things on 2cool, mainly nonsense. Mont does not tolerate vulgarities...whether it be language, pics, T&A discussions, etc.

    OK, Richard, so why the heck haven't you been banned yet? :D :D
  11. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    Welcome to 360tuna Venicenporta!
    I wasn't privy to the thread mentioned,
    but, I'm sure tolerance & understanding will
    The only run-in I ever had w/ a 2cool member
    over there didn't get me banned, but I was politely
    "corrected" by Monte. Like STX says, He is fair, &
    it's his site. His rules. HIS REPUTATION.
    I abided & will continue to do so. just as if I was
    given a request from TJ here or any of the moderators
    of the other fishing related sites I frequent.
    It's all good, Brother. Let it lie & it'll probably go away
    on it's own.
    Tight lines
  12. Uncle Russ

    Uncle Russ Senior Member

    Venicenporta: I think the key is what STX said: "It is his website." That pretty much means he can require anything he wants within the bounds of legality. But what awesum said as an alternative is also absolutely correct.

    I am a former ultra-long-distance canoe racer and participate in a website on the Texas Water Safari. I have a really odd sense of humor and for years I wrote a column for our newsletter where I would absolutely slam and insult all of the racers. And they loved it. If I didn't insult somebody, they would get really insulted! And I don't like to use happy faces. I like my sarcasm to be obvious. But wow, when I started doing that on the website, the poor moderator, who did not know the history, absolutely had a gasket explode! He banned me and sent me a scathing letter. But after I abjectly apologized and told him it was his site and I would follow his rules, he backed off.

    As you probably know, the tone of language on the internet can be extremely important. Noone of us are mind readers, and what you mean as an innocent remark can be taken badly by someone else. For example, some dude who grew up in New York could say: "Outta my way, Mack, I'm in a hurry." But if he said it to some good old boy from Dime Box, he might get decked, and wish he had said: "Say Podnuh, I hate to be pushy, but I need to get past you. Sure do appreciate it," it would be different ball game.

  13. venicenporta

    venicenporta Guest

    I do have bit of a sarcastic nature in some of my post...I just wish he would have warned me or something. I just posted some pics from about a weeks worth of wearing out fish and people started asking more and more rediculous things of me. Basically asking me to explain to them the entire process of catching mangrove snapper. I I just said a couple of sarcastic answers and next thing I know I'm gone. No profanity at all, no t n a at all, mild sarcasm only.
  14. atunatado

    atunatado Member

    If it makes you feel any better, I have been banned as well.

    Not sure what my mistake was, either it was to jump on someone who was trying to get rid of a dog to get another "cuter" dog or messing with one of the female moderators and asking if she said a discussion was over, does that mean the fat lady has sung?

    Its OK though, I promise you wont die from being banned, plus you can devote time you would have spent on that site exploring other sites (360tuna for example) or doing things to free up time for fishing.

    Banned from 2cool?? whatever, it doesnt hurt, it doesnt kill and it sure isnt gonna keep me from fishing.
  15. MrBill

    MrBill Senior Member

    They can't ban me because I won't sign up. That agreement about paying the guy 250K if he bans you scared me from signing up. I think GS got banned, but I'm not sure.