tying large mono 200#-300#

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    The problem still stands with me I cannot get a good looking knot in large line.
    sum deck hands that I fish with make it look so darn easy. i an becoming very frustrated now that my hands have started bleeding from practising . last trip Tony tolled me to practice the ( LONG LINER KNOT )but I cannot find an example this one if anyone has information that may help I'm all ears
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    It's better to use crimps when you hit the 200+ mono's. What are trying to do? Line to hook? Line to line?

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    Line to hook
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    DSG just sent you the link to the Centauri Knot, according to all info on the net it is 100% strong. I have been practicing this with it on one end and my old trusty Palomar on the other and they break about 50% each - I know that knot is possible to tie and is effective up to 100 lb, like most everyone said over 100 most use crimps. you'll need to practice this knot and dont forget to spit on it before you cinch it tight.
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    Now, down in CR, my buddies dont have crimps readily accessable and they tie 2-400 lb mono daily. They say the main thing is have something stationery that you can cinch the knot down with..and moisten it with spit( one of them has a 16/0 hook that was broke attached near the helm) They tie Uni knots mostly.. its pretty cool watching them make a new leader with a double offset hook without crimps.. Of course they make it look easy..
    I have to practice a few before they cinch good.
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    I have to agree with Mr. Bill, crimps are the way to go when dealing with the larger size lines. Just take your time and practice. You may want to check out leadertec.com they have a very informative site. ;) Tight lines
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    To tie heavy lines like 200 pound is not uncommon.
    When I fished with Capt. Manny out of Puerto Vallarta in 2005, Tony tied 200 lbs flueoro leader line directly to the hooks. As you know they caught numerous cow upto 380 lbs without single knot failure.

    The Centauri knot can be strengthened by inserting line twice into the eye and wrap around the whole lines (4).