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:D :D :D Picked up my "Mr Bill Whooper" last night!! Thanks Kevin for the remarkable craftsmanship you put into this rod!!! The rod is almost too purty to fish with... even Carol said the rod was beautiful... she usually doesnt get it when it comes to rod "beauty".... NICE JOB!!!!!

I also got to see Mr Bill's blank and pulled on it!! You can pull a freakin house down with this thing!!!! It wont help you on Cinco though, I put a voodoodoo curse on it to catch only smaller fish than mine on CInco.... LOL!!!!:eek: :D

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Very nice craftsmanship Kevin, as usual!

No fish and nobody stands a chance!

I need to talk to you about an inshore rod that I'd like for you to build, but not sure how busy your are.

Beautiful rod, but let's hope it doesn't get lost in MrBill's tackle dungeon! LOL
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