TX YFT and Mahi - May 7, 18

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    We thought we might be able to sneak out on the recent front before things had totally settled down… and we were right! We left Bridge Bait at about 1 on Sunday afternoon and made 32-34mph no problem. Fred (Hyperman), Luke (Reeltimeluke), Andy (andy409), and I decided to give the Floaters another try since they were so productive last trip.

    Stopped at rig on the way out but no AJs cooperated for the 30 minutes we gave it a try (and no wahoo either!). Fred and Andy did manage a couple of jetty yellowfin (jack crevalle) and someone also caught a baby AJ. Not wanting to get wore out on the jetty yellowfin we headed out.

    We got to the Floaters and saw a couple of sporadic busts and decided to cast instead of troll. Luke was the first to hook up (after being MIA for the last 2 trips!) after maybe a half hour and I think the first one was about a 60#er. Andy came in next with a 35#er and I think Fred followed with another about the same size. A little while later I hook a nice 70#er about 20 feet from the boat on a popper and it goes in the box as well. Short time later, a 15# mahi hits my popper – again, about 10 feet from the boat!

    Things got slow for about an hour and Luke wanted to move and try the close Floater. Turns out he was rrrright as he hooked up a yft in short order. We pecked away at them for the next 3 hours with Luke, Fred, and Andy all putting another yft in the box. At one point we had Luke on a yft and Andy fighting a nice 30# mahi (that he fought perfectly and we boated). The other fish were solid 60-85# yft. I had a nice 50#er at the boat and before Luke could gaff it, she spit the hook at me and just missed hitting me in the face. Luke also fought a 100# yft boat side with Andy and I also fighting fish and Fred gaffed it in the gill plate but it was deflected and with only a ½ inch grabbed, she broke away. Bummer.

    We played for another hour with hooks that wouldn’t damage the fish but with no real takers, we slow boated in at 11pm. We had 8yft, 30-85#, and the 2 mai, 15 1n3 30#. Beautiful weather and night skies this trip.

    Tight lines to all and be safe out there!

    PS My group photo might leave a little to be desired given the 2 headless fisherman! View attachment 78757 View attachment 78757 20180507_084310.jpg 20180507_084310.jpg 20180507_090620.jpg 20180507_084231.jpg 20180507_084310.jpg 20180507_090620.jpg
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    Wow awesome trip Bruce! Great to see you all dialed in on them!

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    someone needs to teach me the trick with uploading photos! Either one is missing or I get 2 of everything!!
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    DAMN YOU TUNA SLAYERS!!!!...NICELY DONE!!...and I met up with Fred yesterday (really good seeing him)...and he presented me with a very generous gift!!..Thank you guys!!!

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    were the last bunch of tuna and big mahi caught on poppers? whats your go-to popper for YFT?
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    Only 1 tuna and the smaller mahi caught on popper. The rest were taken on swim baits. I like the Strike Pro tuna hunters but they are no longer sold. The OTI Komodos are good lures as well.