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Two nice Fatties

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Here is a Pic of two nice slobs that Capt. Devlin Rousel caught a few nights ago. He was fishing out of Venice, La. He told me they weighed in at 218 and 176. www.reelpeace.com

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My Group caught one out of Venice with Captain Mike Ellis, now with reel peace. He was pretty specific with his setups, Really Good fisherman. Basically Take a 200 pound windon leader. Big hook and a squid. Below the Loop to loop probably 15-20' away from the squid, put a blinking light. Disco Light! Rubberband about 16oz of lead to your main line above the windon, Breakaway style. Then let out 150'-300' of line (deep) and attach a clear 2-liter bottle with a glowstick inside again breakaway style with rubberband. drift away from boat, Repeat. Obviously you couldn't run more than one line on a head boat. You want to sit on ledge, point or other upwelling creating structure.
Personally I don't think the Hydroglow does much to help your 200' line especially when it is played out 100 yards away from the boat. That light that is 20' from your squid, Now that is a different story.

Oh yeah we got a 225 pound sword. What a great trip.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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