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Two nice Fatties

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Here is a Pic of two nice slobs that Capt. Devlin Rousel caught a few nights ago. He was fishing out of Venice, La. He told me they weighed in at 218 and 176. www.reelpeace.com

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i cant wait to try for one of those.... hopefully the wife can handle salt so we can plan a trip to LA this fall!!
i know the Big E moves around after the drift... but is it in any way possible to set out a deep line for swords??? is the attraction factor the green light, and 12" squid?
i see the risk involved.. If I get bored, I may try. How cool would that be though= to catch a sword on a headboat.. LOL!
it make syou wonder if some of the "UFO"'s that sound without slowing were swords... my understanding is they will spoool you in a second without the right equipment. No wonder Jared's hooked.. thats a heck of a fight!!
yeah... I gave up on the idea of a sword from a headboat.. lol.. with all the line out, the muscles the sword posesses... I dont think it would be smart to catch one with so many other people around..lol. I will cook, and occasionally catcha fish.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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