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Hi i live in Ghana West Africa and am thinking of buying an accurate twin spin, but cannot find any independent reviews on this reel (except shops selling the reel who quote advertising).

has anyone used it? what do you think?:confused:

thanks in advance

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Hi pbusanga and welcome to the site!

McGolfer has one of these reels, among many of the hi-end spinners. I'm sure he'll provide his feedback as soon as he sees your post.

If I remember correctly, he prefers this over the Stella and the Daiwa Expedition.

all 3 of the high end spinners are great.
my stella's are 16000 and don't generate the same amount of drag that the 20000 do so i can't compare apples to apples. needless to say the stella's stay in the storage shed. plus i don't like the handles.

the diawa saltiga's are very nice. i have a 6000 and a 6000 gt. i upgraded the handles to a round power knob and these reels can generate more drag than i am capable of handling. i have seen a post that stated they had some issues with the reel breaking away from its mounting point on the rod. i have not experienced this issue.

since i have purchased the accurate it has become my go to spinner reel. i like the way it looks and feels. i think it is probably no better than the other 2 reels. i do have lots of confidence in the reels ability and its manufacturer and they do stand behind their products. i did do one upgrade on this reel also. i didn't like the round handle that had an opening in the middle. i called accurate and they made me a power knob and it just made the whole package that much sweeter.

all 3 of these reels will catch really large fish in the right hands. they will also cast a bait a long way when rigged with the right rod for job at hand. don't spend 700 to 900 dollars for a reel and then put it on a 50 dollar rod. the rod is what allows you to cast that bait a mile and lift that fish when its in its death spiral. the reel gives you the line capacity and drags to stop that fish and get that fish to the gaff....rick
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