Tuna ? Venice or elsewhere

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports' started by Saltwater1, May 6, 2020.

  1. Saltwater1

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    I hear Venice is the place but what say you?
  2. Hammster

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    Best place on the Gulf Coast. Shortest ride to get off the shelf. Great concentration of guides and excellent boats.

  3. Kim

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    Don't sell Orange Beach, Alabama short either. There are plenty of big charter boats making tuna runs daily if weather conditions are good. They also have some mighty fine captains that put you on the fish too.
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  4. FalconerRods

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    I have fished YFT at least three days out of Venice every October for the last 10 years. We fish with Captain Eddie Burger (Fish Venice Charters) and we have literally had nothing but great trips. Lots of good captains down there. Weather can vary and sharks are in the mix, but I'd highly, highly recommend Venice (and I am an OBA guy in terms of home water). That fishery is just...off the chain. 100#+ YFT on the popper is maybe my fish of a lifetime...that's a real possibility every day out of Venice. They went through a weird dry spell last fall with very few YFT, but they are currently whacking them. More fish over 150# in the last 60 days than I've seen hit the dock in years. I was down there fishing inshore last week - and the wind was blowing like crazy - but the daytime deep drop sword fishing is also on a heater from all reports. Hope this helps!
  5. esgeo

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    Do they run to deep water rigs? I grew up in Mobile and don’t remember there being as steady of a tuna fishery in the 80’s as there is now. I know there is a decent drop off a ways out, but wasn’t sure if it held fish without the rigs to congregate around.
  6. Kim

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    They have the East Lump and all the deep water rigs plus drill ships and on very good days you catch a shrimper hauling nets in.
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