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    Today we were greeted by lumpy seas the entire way out to the bank, and then the wind and waves gave way to a sea of tuna making their way across the bay. It seemed like the school was miles long by miles wide, with tuna of all sizes airing out under a ton of hungry gannets and shearwaters. There were several large whales in attendance as well, and at times it appeared as if the tuna were jumping literally out of the Whales' mouths as they came up.

    I had Turfman and crew aboard, and it took all of 2 casts for mark to come tight on a pig. We actually doubled up right off the bat, but one fish spit the hook right away. As we were trying to clear that lure to get to work on the fish that was heading for Maine, several fish tried to grab it as it was ripped back to the boat.

    Mark settled in for what would become a knock down drag out brawl with a high sixty inch class fish, but unfortunately at color, just before we could sink some iron, the rod snapped and the line parted with a bang....Tuna 1, us 0

    It didnt take long for the second fish, and we had a perfect sized under at 46.5 inches in the box within a few minutes. Rod used was an OTI tuna sniper 40/60, VS 250 reel, OTI 80# braid, and a Yo-Zuri crystal mag minnow in shad color.

    As we were preparing that fish for the box, we came tight on an unweighted white sluggo on the new OTI rod TJ left for me, a Saragosa 14000 with OTI 80# line and a streamline leader. This fish took off at warp speed, and dumped almost 275 yards before we could get the drag a bit tighter and him under control. Tuna virgin Bill took the rod, and did an impressive job getting the fish back and under the boat, and although he came close, he passed the rod about 3 turns away from victory. A fresh angler quickly brought this one up, and he took his place of honor at 57" next to his smaller brother. 9:00 am and our day is complete with the elusive over/under.

    Spent a bit more time in the lumpy conditions, but the charter had enough of getting banged around and we headed back to the barn early but very content.

    These fish should be here for a few more weeks, even past Thanksgiving. I plan on getting out on them every weather window I can between now and the fat lady's song.

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    Impressive as always Dom, great job bro.

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    I hope tomorrow's fishing is as good as today. :)
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    lets go do some blackfishing dom!
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    Very nice job on the over/under! It bodes well for fishing down the road having some "squirts" around. I was planning on joining the fun tomorrow, but trailer issues are keeping me grounded. I might be a wee bit grumpy at work tomorrow:mad: ...
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    Nice Dom I was wondering if you made it out today. I am done until at least the end of the week at the earliest.
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    Way togo Dom and crew. It was an awesome day out there for sure. I was glad to see you up there again in fine action. We'll see you in a week or so. We plan to keep the boat there for another 3 weeks. Keep up the great work and enjoy the weather this week.
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    "noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style:"

    As stated in the definition above; Capt Dom absolutley was the hero on this trip..Truth be told he had alot of patience and worked his butt off to deal with our short comings.

    Nobody would ever want to diminish the use of this adjective after they saw what we encountered on Monday. As Dom said; " this is like National Geographic sh#t" It was truly an amazing site to behold. The boil probably lasted 20 minutes and dare I say that in that 20 min; probably 500 fish busted the surface. One can only imagine how many tuna were under there circling the bait pod keeping them tight while they and their buddies took turns at breakfast.

    Now for my tale of humility..

    My Crew consisted of My friend Bill ( rookie ), My girlfriend Rachael (seasoned) and myself ( Village idiot ).

    I came tight on that fish right out of the gate and fought him for 20 min and had him to the boat; but I ran out of gas right at the end and litelary the rod was slipping out of my hands.. I had nothing left. So my friend the rookie jumps on the rod and through no fault of his own aside from being a rookie...we break the rod and lose the fish... I'm an exhausted mess and on the deck and Bill and Rachael have that blank stare in their eyes as they knew we truly failed the fish and the captain...

    After that... it all went pretty good..lol

    One thing that I discovered about myself on this trip that hadn't come up as a handicap before is the fact that I am a true left hander. I reel from the right side on both spinners and conventionals. Had I hooked up righty on that fish and passed it along to my girlfriend or friend; we might have had a different outcome on that first fish. I promised Capt Dom that the next time I step on his boat I will be part of the team instead of everyone having to accomidate me. And yes as some of you have asked.. I'm in shorts.. lol.. It was a balmy 40 with light 15mph winds and 4ft chop; definetly not longhandle weather for me.

    Great trip on a great boat and a spectacular captain.

    "Fear The Dusky”
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    One thing that I discovered about myself on this trip that hadn't come up as a handicap before is the fact that I am a true left hander.

    Pitch baiting to marlins or dolphins with spinners, it has never matter much for me what side the handle is on. But the whole jigging thing is tough for me. I have tried to train myself to jig with a spinner (handle on the left), but its just uncomfortable to me. I still like the handle on the right. I'm not casting with it. But the way I figure if the handle is on the right, I might as well just use a conventional.

    Dom is the man. Hopefully one day I will get the chance to go along.
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    Congrats on the over/under !! That's a lot of meat to give away.