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Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by etan, Nov 8, 2006.

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    My fishing buddy here in Port A bought a 47' Norhavn yacht. It was delivered in California about a month ago. He plans to cruise out there for at least 6 months in the next year. The wife and are I going out Dec 1 to go with them to Cabo and Lapaz from Dana Pt. Cal. As we cruise down, cruising speed is 8 kts, we plan to troll and fish along the way. Are there any suggestions on trolling lures and places along the way that we should be aware of?
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    Potato, Thesis, Jaime banks to name a few. There are several mounts, islands and ridges along the baja coast. Give me a shout and I can tell you about my experiences down there. Definitely stop over at Mag Bay. Give the guys on Bloodydecks a shout too. Lots of west coast info there.