Tuna Trip Available

Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by tinker, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. tinker

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    Deep Sea Headquarters in Port Aransas has a tuna trip available this Friday January 9. Come on down
  2. moonsoft

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    I was going on that but decided since it's a FULL MOON, that I would wait until the 23rd trip that will be on Lunar new year, A VERY ACTIVE time to fish.

    Talk to Jan Burns and get your deposite in :) Hope to see you there!!

  3. Fishhead56

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    Moon phase is nice to watch but feed times are important too.
    On DSHQ trip 12-29 the moon was only a sliver but the flying fish were
    in the dark 2 miles away from the floater, And these were schools of hundreds. With very few around the floaters, Go figure...
    There is a new large lit-up semi submersible drill rig parked a few miles from
    Boomvang right now to compete with the moon.

    Decent weather has proven to be better factor for catching fish at the floaters for me than the moon. Better drift speed and better site casting.

    If you don't go then you don't know.

    Years ago when asked. When is the best time to fish offshore?
    Capt Bud Grammer replied, "Every day, all day..."

    I'd go when I was avliable and the weather was right.

    Looking back my Feb and March trips produced less than Oct - Jan trips
    for YFT.
    But thats the Tx gulf where Venice is working at that time.

    Either way those proffesinal Capt's know more about finding fish then me.

    Hope DHQ makes the trip and we hear what happens.

  4. NEMO

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    My last trip on the gulf Eagle the moon was full and we had a boat load.