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I needed a good match for my Stella 20K

So I enlisted Rod Maker "Don Savage" w/ Savage Rods

BLank: Calstar 700H

Reel Seat/ Butt: Aftco Blk Aluminum

Fuji Eyes, black with hardaloy inserts

We choose not to put a Rod ring, I will add the removable ring so if I do not like It and it gets in the way, it can be removed

EVA (10" below reel seat and 14" above)

silver underwrap and black overwrap

Here is some pics


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Good looking rod. What make you choose the 700H blank? Curious mind want to know.

This being my first big game spinning rod, I asked a lot of questions.

Decided I neeeded a 7 footer but needed enough back bone, for the big boys.

Talked to the guys at FTU

PM a few guys on 2Coolfishing

and since I had another Calstar and was happy with its performance, I felt the Blank was a good fit.

I kind of used FTU's rod as an example of what I liked and what I didnt like.

If we can ever get my uncles friebds boat out of dry dock at Tempest (50' Bertrem) I would love to try it before my 2 scheduled trips on the Big - E

Aug 17/18
Sept 15/16/17

I will proably be chunking it out on a lake somewhere for practice....
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