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Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by etan, Nov 2, 2007.

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    The 48 hr Pelican trip came back this morning. 10 fishermen had 12 or 13 yellowfin, blackfin, AJ, and cuda etc. Most of the yellowfin were caught on frenzy flyers and yummies. One was caught on a chunk and none on iron. John the capt. told me he thought they would have caught more on chunks if it hadn't been so rough. The yellowfin were 50 to 70# fish and the blackfin were on the small side.
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    great that looks like casting stuff, the gear and tackle i dont have lol.
    at any rate i think im just gonna stick with my chunk and jig setups, dont have enough experience to be throwwing lures.
    on a side note, anybody here gonna be on the 36hr DD trip next saturday 11/10? i know it aint the E but hopefully there are a few..................:cool:


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    gotta give the fish what they want... or else just be a "normal" fisherman.... get you a spinner, and OTI rod.... You'll find out- that it will probably get the most use... "Chunking" is like catfishing (or watching paint dry) to me....
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    Were you guys fishing structure or floaters for the YFT? How far out did the boat go? thx
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    The boat was at the floaters. They fished BoomVang, Hoover, and Diana. The rigs are about 115 to 125 miles east of Port Aransas.