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we fly to Panama City on May 6 and stay at a holel there to take a flight to David next day morning (May 7). A bus is waiting for us at the airport and it takes around 1 1/2 hours - 2 hours to the main lodge. We sleep at the lodge one night and we take 32' - 34' center console boats to fishing ground on May 8.
After fishing we go to 110' mothership anchored in the bay of Coiba Island. We stay there next 4 days and we go to the main lodge on center console boats on final day of fishing. (May 12).
Fishing is great, food are great and crew services are great. They even give us free hard liquor and wash our clothes. It is a kind of paradise fishing. :)
Hi Kil, I sent you an email this morning, please check your Gmail Inbox, thanks.
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