Tuna Killers in Training!

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by bigscrnman, Apr 22, 2009.

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    This is how guys like Kil and Glenn are created! These are from a recent trip a buddy and I took our boys on in Costa Rica.
    This is Will-7yrs old and wants his own fishing show!

    Matt-11yrs and learning to fight stand-up!

    Josh-12yrs (He gets pulled over I wont ever hear the end of it!) MAN UP AND FIGHT THE FISH BOY!!!!!!!:D
    Will demonstrating the proper way to greet a fish, Glenn you may want to take notes here???LMAO
    We spent the day with the boys catching jacks,snapper, etc. Buddy and I never touched a rod the entire day and i have to say it was a blast. I plan to take Josh on his first tuna trip this summer when the seas calm down. I can't wait to see his face on his first "real" fish. I think I see him having a real "heart to heart" on his first trip...just gotta break them in right.:p
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    that is really amazing dewayne. kids are a joy to take fishing. i have all girls (14,12,12) and they are not into fishing anymore(ive probably burnt them out from the many many times ive had them hold a spool of line or another reel. i think they all enjoyed the drag checks when i harness up and hook them to the line and have them run around the yard. lol). keep up the good work. B

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    That's fantastic! My kids have been going with me since they were old enough to walk. My 18 year old son is a very good fisherman and now I have trouble keeping up with him. It doesn't seem that long ago I used to wear him out now the tables have turned,LOL I hope my daughter gets the bug as bad as me and my son. She likes to fish,but at 8 her attention gets focused on other things after a while especially if it's a slow day and they just don't quite have the endurance for really intense trips so we try to keep it simple for her.
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    This my first post on this board and I couldnt have found a cooler thread. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
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    Welcome to the board Greaser!:)
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Dang, even 12 year old's have better reels than me.
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    Costa Rica Charter boats are cheap, but they had good gear on board. Couple of young guys from Atlanta trying to make a go of it. Good people to fish with really did a great job with the kids, kept them busy all day and the boys learned a lot from the crew. Deck hand was a local and was laughing his arse off all day at some of the things the kids did, especially when the older two decided to try standup as opposed to the chair. The little one is probably more intense in the cockpit than half of the "grown men" I have fished with!!!!