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tuna jig weight question?

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im looking to stock up on a bunch of jigs. for bft and yft
i have a bunch of knife jigs for speed jigging. and will buy some more'
i want to grab a bunch of slow pitch jigs
my question is... lets say 220g is the perfect weight knife jig(like a nomad streaker) for that given time
what size butterfly jig or other slow pitch jig would you grab
i would think you would want something a lil lighter. is that correct. so it flutters easier
or would u just grab a similar weight butterfly jig?
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A slower pitch jig will have more water resistance so when dropping down esp. when there is current , a heavier jig
will be needed. You can slow pitch a knife jig just fine, for ex. a shimano ocea pebble, or sardine waver. We slow pitch those with good success.
I bring two kinds of jigs with me when tuna fishing. They are the Sardine jig and the Flat Hammered Diamond jig. IMO you can save yourself a lot of money, decision making and excess weight with just these two style jigs. You can vary weights and colors. The two main colors with Hammered are silver and gold. I may have one glow in the mix. With the sardine their are a few colors to choose from. So pick a couple of colors but try to limit yourself. I use my selection for tuna more for jig weights than colors and styles. The sardine jig, is a jig style not a color. There are plenty of shops that carry them. Here is one that comes to mind. As far as jig weights I usually have from 200g to 400g. Jigging World Metallic Sardine Tuna Jigs – Tackle World

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A LOT depends on the type of tuna you're fishing for and the current, along with how they want it. We offer a good selection of jigs at www.mikeslures.com if you want to check some out that are super realistic.
There are many variables. The rule of thumb for jig weight is 1.5 gram for every foot of depth (100 ft. of water = 150 gram jig). I am not sure where you fish, but I fish NJ for yellowfin and average jig is between 120 - 170 gram. When I am in Cape Cod fishing for Bluefin I use 200 - 240 on average....sometimes as much as 310 grams. Also to keep in mind is "matching the hatch." I will use bigger jigs for bigger fish, especially ones that are eating big baits.
Ask Benny about fishing the 500 - 800 gram jigs slow pitching.
wow are you asking the gentleman to kill himself. SPJ or speed jugging is the real question I can recommend 200–300-gram jigs for SPJ depending on current. I do not speed jig.
Where are you fishing? In the GOM, I fish sardine jigs in 200-300 gram sizes. Just go as light as you can without blowing out too much. There are times where you need to be able to get into the 300ft range to get consistent bites. The H4L goobers aren't too far from the generic sardine and they're an excellent jig too. 200 and 300 gram.
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