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Tuna ID required!

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Hi all,

I caught this yesterday about 60km off Mackay, QLD, on a home made stickbait. It looked like a longtail at first but it had strange white bands on the underside of the tail. I'd be interested to know what it actually is!

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That's an interesting looking lure. What did you make it out of?
Any lead weight in it?
Are you running it on the surface or on a downrigger?
Black & White paint job.
All it needs is a Flashing red bubble gum light on it! Ah I see the Eyeballs!
Southern Bluefin...:) Nice Stickbait!
A slightly fatter than usual longtail tuna methinks Andrew
the dots & dashes below the lateral line are not an unusual coloration variation in a number of species & do not provide a diagnostic coloration , rather they confuse the angler about the ID as they are not highly visible on every capture & attract attention when you do see them for the first time.
the dots & dashes are triggered by the state of excitement of the tuna.

For our US friends......................................... this species is not a true bluefin ( Atlantic,Pacific, or Southern) , Its found in the Indian Ocean & Western Pacific . Its a coastal species rather than oceanic like the true bluefins.
It makes lousy sashimi ( fibrous flesh )..............even makes a tough canned product ( but that doesn't stop some from labling it by its old name 'northern" bluefin.
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the profile of tail end does look Longtail Tuna to me.

They are a truly fantastic light tackle sportfish...... one of the favourites of many experienced top water anglers.

Biggest I have seen was 31 kg (weighted on board before release).
Longtail tuna is on my bucket list of species to catch. But I'm really amazed at the lure it whacked.... not exactly the first thing I would reach in my tackle box for targeting tuna. Pretty cool.
the 31 kg Longtail I mentioned hit a 190 gram Craftbait popper!
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