tuna fishing in Kauai is off the hook!

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    I'll have to post a full report when I get back but... We caught 30 plus yft today. My arms are going to fall off.
    I'm fishing again on Sunday so maybe I can catch a cow!
    more to come!
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    Sweet. Come on with the full report and pics.

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    subscribed! :D waiting anxiously for the pics!
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    Who did you end up going with??

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    Well here goes...
    THe boat was the Big Ta DO, DeepseafishingKauai.com, Captain Jude and driver Kala.
    I went out last Thursday the 12th and the seas were very friendly. We(the new wife and I) jumped on board with a pair of green horns from Kansas. These guys had only been snapper fishing once before so they were not ready for what was going to hit.

    We headed out 3 miles :) to 6000 ft of water!
    The only structure anywhere is the island and the FAD bouys that the state has put out. The bouy consists of a ball and chain with polypropelene rope that hits the bottom.

    We trolled on the way out and only got one hit but no hook ups. Once we got to the bouy he asked if anyone knew how to high speed jig. I was the only one on the boat who had done it at all before. So I grab the rod, he sets it up with what they call the "Hot Rod". It is a piece of 1/8'' wire 2.5 ft long. It had a 12 ounce egg in the center held in place by crimps. He tied this to the mainline and then put a 15' leader with a small 3" diamond spoon on. We dropped this rig down to about 200' and ripped it as fast as we could up through the water. Every time, at about 60-70 ft we would get hit. These tuna, though small, were much angrier than tuna I have experienced in the gulf. :eek:

    After jigging like this for a couple of hours we turned to what I am going to refer to as Hawaiin style chunking, since I had never seen it before.
    The captain had bought some wierd bricks aprrox 3"x3"x3". He would take a normal flouro leader chunking line and hide the hook in a piece of skip jack. He would set the hook on the brick and wind the line around the brick a couple of times. Then he would put a few chunks on the brick and wind the line a couple of times. THen a few more chunks and repeat until it had four layers of chunks and a hook. Then he would put the rell in nuetral with the clicker on and pull out about 10 ft. He had the rod in the holder and strip out line until it hit about 50 ft. then he would grab the line for a second and let some of the chunks unroll, then let a little more line out, then unroll again. once hit couldnt feel the weight anymore he would slowly strip line like we do when chunking here, keeping all the slack out of the line. We pretty much got a hook up on every round. What sucks is every time it looked like a good fish it was the good ole kansas boys turn and they would get tired, let slack in the line and the fish would get off...:mad:
    I didn't have a fish double the rod anywhere close to what happened to them a couple of times so I know they lost some good fish.

    Most fish were around 20 lbs. the biggest the first day going around 50lb.

    The camera died after the first fish the first day so that is what the first picture is.

    Monday, the second day, the new wife stayed and played in the pool while I went fishing again.
    We were headed to a different spot and ran about 20 minutes before seting out the trolling lines. Once we had the lines out the captain gave us our numbers for who was on what rod. Not 5 minutes into trolling a Wahoo or Ono as they are called in hawaii was hooked up and stripping line from a Tiagra 50. The rod was drawn for another newb on the boat that day...:mad:
    It looked like any of us could have had this fish in the boat in under 7-8 minutes... This guy hooted and hollered for about 15-20. When it got up to the boat the captain grabbed the line I grabbed the gaff and we put the fish in the bag! I really liked the fact that the Captain let me do some of the work like gaffin and setting out lines and such. Kept me busy!
    After getting the Hoo in the boat we did not get anymore hits on the troll. We got out to the bouy we were trying to fish and went to work jiggin some small tubes on the troll and picking up some 30lb and under YFT. There was many more fish being caught this day but the quality of the fish was not quite as good and the previous trip. We ended up finishing the day with about 35 YF and Big Eye tuna and 1 wahoo. To say the very least the Captian was great, the action was great and we caught many many fish!
    Here are a couple of pics!

    First fish on jig first day.

    Catch we kept the second day.

    My sunburnt arse and fish!
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    Nice job!
    I will be on his boat on Monday. Aloha.

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    awesome turn out on those pictures. the colors look great.
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    Thanks for the report. Looks like you had a great time.