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ce Louisana I just got through runninig a three day trip and as usual the fishing was FANTASTIC!! Day one the fist live bait out resulted in a175lb Blue that we wastes about an hour on all the while watching the Tuna do there areial show. Finally got rid of the Blue and got back to the rig for the last of the Tuna bite and managed to get two Yellows before they went down, then picked up a couple of wahoo on the way in that were hanging around a log.
Day two was a day that made me thank God for Venice. Thirteen bites a 10 yellows hit the deck!! Nine on live bait and one on a popper.
Day three we got to the spot and found nasty river water. We decied to chunk hoping to get to the good water that had to be some where beneath the river water. Nothing hapening, but then the good water moved in and the switch was flipped, Tuna everywhere. We managed to get three in the boat before the nasty water moved back on top of us.
The best part of the whole deal was we were 24 Miles out of the pass and back home in a comfy bed every night!!!
I have openings 07/24/2008, 07/25/2008, 07/26/2008/, and 07/27/2008.
Our rates are $1000 a day plus fuel for up to 4 people and $100 extra per person up to six.
If you cant find some buddies to share buddies to share the boat call me any way and I will see if we acn get enough individuals to make it work. If we get 4 individuals we will split fuel up by 4(we normally use 130 gallons) and $250 a head for the boat.
If youve got the itch call me.
Capt. Jerry Allen
Poco Loco Charters - Blue Water fishing with specialty being YellowFin Tuna
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