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I think first I need to start out by saying we were finally getting a break in the weather. The seas were calm, the fish were biting, and we were moving into June with beautiful weather. Then, out of nowhere we were blindsided by this late-May cold front, which isn't that unusual. It has happened before, last time something like this happened that I can remember was in May (04) and we were fishing an SKA (aka small kraft advisory) tournament out of Fourchon. Needless to say cold and windy, Not good. But, it also looks like the front has now turned into a low pressure system that is backing up over us for the end of the week. Hopefully this will be it. Capt. Bob K., Capt. Josh, and myself did get out most days last week. The fishing has been good. There is a lot out there to catch right now, but timing is everything. You've got to be in the right place at the right time. The dolphin are starting to show up as they normally would in May, there aren't as many big ones out there as there will be in a couple of weeks but enough to make any angler smile. The wahoo have shown back up again as well. They are mostly smaller ones with a few big ones mixed in, but either way, they still eat excellent. The tuna bite has been up and down, they have been finicky to say the least but if you are in the right place when they want to eat you will have a good day catching tuna. Should get easier as we move into late May-early June. A.J.'s are thicker than ever and snapper season opens up in two weeks. That is a guarantee right there. We've got open dates to get out there and catch plenty of fish and show you what fishing offshore Venice, La. is all about. We will be out again as soon as CRAZY weather breaks. We should have some great reports.

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