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Our week started out last Monday with Capt. Josh and the McDeids from Minnesota. Monday and Tuesday--rough seas so they kept it close both days catching and releasing snapper, but they were able to get a couple of cobia in the boat for dinner. Next day out came on Friday for Capt. Josh, the weather was still rough but doable. They ended their day with the Ramsey crew from California catching 5 Yellowfin Tuna and 1 small Dolphin. On Saturday Capt. Josh, Capt. Bob, and myself were all out. Capt. Josh had the Barley crew from Alabama and they went 1-5 on Yellowfin Tuna, and went 1 for 2 on A.J.'s. The sharks were so bad that they couldn't get the fish all the way to the boat, every fish that got attacked was about 30 ft. away from the gaff. I can only imagine the new words that were created during this. Capt. Bob had the Joiner crew from Monroe, La. They finished their day with one YFT about 50 lbs. and several dolphin. I took out the J. Craddock crew from Jackson, Ms. Our first stop produced nada and at this point it was so rough it was hard to push further out but we did. Second stop--1st fish on in about the 1st 3 minutes of fishing. Got him to the boat and our first tuna (83lber.) hit the deck. I figured it was on after that, but that wasn't the case. By this time the seas actually calmed down fairly quick and we were able to run another 20 miles out. We didn't find any tuna but the dolphin showed up, thank you for that. We caught 2 big bulls, 1 nice cow, and several small dolphin. Of course all the big dolphin were together and ate the baits we had out at the same time about 15ft. from the boat. So, having 1 good dolphin on is usually a bit of work but 3 on so it was really "cockpit chaos" for about 4 minutes. The weather is starting to calm down and the winds have finally laid down some from what they have been. We've got a good forecast this week and the fishing should be very good. From Now-August, we can catch just about everything the gulf has to offer. The dolphin will really start to show up in big numbers, the tuna are out there as well. June 1 snapper season opens...fishing for them will be EASY to say the least. We've still got some boats open for this month and next.

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