Tuna and a Mahi - Freeport, TX Jan 5 18

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    Like everyone else, we were trying to stay warm this past week and evaluating the Thursday thru Saturday weather window as well as the low water situation at the coast. The better part of common sense won out and we cancelled the Thurs-Fri trip (still cold and no water to launch) and deferred to Fri-Sat. Luke had a wedding to attend on Sat so Fred, Matt, and Mark (from FTU) made up the crew.

    Seas were about 2s and a little sloppy but we made about 30 the entire way. Based on a report we heard we decided to go long this trip and got to the Floater a little before dusk. Not much marking but we got after it. Matt and I were throwing poppers while Mark was jigging and Fred tossed surface iron and a popper. Matt hooks up first on a Popper and at 6pm the first one was in the boat. An hour later, Mark hooks up and number 2 is in the boat.

    They didn’t appear to be interested in anything I was throwing so I free lined a sardine out and hooked up a spirited yft at 8. Fred gaffed it and in the boat was a ~50lber. I think the tuna ranged in size from 40-70#s and I don’t know who caught which ones but they were all nice fat fish.

    We had a lull until about 10pm when I hooked up on a Halco and we get her in the boat. Later, Fred free lines out a large squid (Surfside’s squid were big!) and fights a very spirited tuna to the boat. Based on “spunk” and rod bend we thought it might in the 80-100lb class but not so, fat 50lber.

    Mark puts out a free-lined sardine and surprise, he hooks into a nice mahi! Mahi didn’t go airborne but went crazy at the boat and wrapped around engines. Matt, Mark, and Fred were all hanging over transom passing the rod and untangling the line. Me, I’m hanging on to their belts so no one goes over! Credit Fred with another “save”.

    Next action comes around mid-night when Matt and Mark have a double hook up. Fred guides them on the “over/under” action and we get both of them in the boat. Fred catches the next one on a swimbait I believe and then things died down.

    We had 2 per person to divie up but wanted a ninth to give to our friends at Surfside that have helped us out from time to time. The tuna wouldn’t cooperate. Knowing low tide was at noon I wanted to get in early and have some water to get the boat out. We decided to slow boat in and stop at another floater and try for #9.

    The strategy worked as when we got there, I donated a Halco to the cudas and in short order Matt hooked into a nice yft, #9 in the boat! We headed in and encountered winds from ENE instead of the SE as the weatherman promised! Slowed down to 28 to minimize the spray but starboard occupants did get wet with 10kt winds broadside. Dropped off our thank you fish, got the boat out, and headed home tired and sick with a cold (or something). All in all, 2018 has started out well… Tight lines and be safe out there.

    Oh yea, I know I didn’t catch the Mahi but I was so tired/sore it was the lightest to hold up! I think Mark has some action photos he will post up as well. 20180106_121209.jpg 20180106_121315.jpg
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    Great trip and fish guys congratulations!
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    BRUUUUCE!!!...OUTSTANDING MY FRIEND!!!...Glad you got to get out and it looks like they're starting to show up!!

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    Fishing with Mr Fred and Mr Bruce it’s a treat in itself. Lots of meat on that table. That mahi it’s a stud, definitely jealous
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    nicely done gentlemen, nicely done!
    great trip!
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    Whacked them!! Awesome job!
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    Nice load of toads!!!