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Trolling with Stickbait?

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Anyone tried trolling with stickbaits such as the Strategic Angler, for tuna? I am too lazy to cast and retrieve all day long. Maybe just slow troll?
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Try shibuki you will catch a wahoo or tuna if they're there.
If it swims then it trolls. If you have to impart action then you still have to do that on the troll but I guess that's less work then cast, impart action, retrieve, impart action, repeat and cast again. Can't see why it won't work and key is dialing in the right speed for that specific lure. Might be considerably less then a normal spread.
Definitely worked when Kil tried it in Bermuda, a wahoo hit the Calypso monster pencil popper on the troll in between moves.
Had some good hits off of a Nomad Madscad 150 last week (in Okinawa). Speed about 5~6 knots, good action, stays in the water well, and you can feel the good vibrating action when you get the speed dialed in. I'd never risk anything like a Carpenter on the troll though when you can do well with lures at 1/3 the price.

Cheers! - Nojiri
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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