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trolling question

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I'm getting an avet lx raptor reel for general trolling using hardbodied lures for Pelagics, mahi mahi small tuna etc. using braid with a mono topshot what would be the best setup.
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3/4 full with JB 40h, top it off w/ your favorite 40# mono. I really like the Momoi
I'm putting together something like this now on a Calstar 700ml with a JX
Fill it about 4/5 full of 30# Tuf Line and use a 40# flouro or mono topshot
Also make sure you preset your drag weight before you set sail. Set the reel on free spool and dial in your preset drag to your liking.

Calstar 700MH on a JX Raptor here
I use the standard LX on calstars GFX700M or AR701 for mahi & blackfin..good reel choice..

I drag hard & soft body & ballyhoo with the set-up works nice...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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