Trolling line set-up

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by hamptonsurf, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. hamptonsurf

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    I have some tiagra 50Ws with 130lb Jerry Brown, loop to looped to 100lb mono. I am trying to figure out the best way to finish this set-up to terminal tackle. I love the loop-to-loops...HOWEVER, I am fishing in New England for Tuna and want to be able to switch out lures/baits etc. at any time. I have several leaders rigged on flouro, connected to a variety of bait hooks/trolling heads/cedar plugs/swimming plugs/mini spreader bars etc. I am thinking I could just crimp on a 400lb snap swivel to the mono and I'd be good to go. I could then just snap on/off my leaders of various lengths and be on my way.

    Any thoughts?

    Also, is anyone using wind-on swivels? They seem like they don't swivel very smoothly and I'm nervous to crank them through the rollers, as I think tyhey would mar the rollers and make them rough.
  2. John_Madison CT

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    I use a 150lb Sampo Ball Bearing Snap swivel for that application. While trolling you want as little hardware in the water as possible. I tie my 100lb mono wind-on to the snap swivel with a Palomar knot. Never any failures.

  3. Eastern Tackle

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    For 50w tackle set at 17-25lbs of strike drag, all you need is a #130 spro barrel swivel. Not the heavy ones, they have sharp edges. Just the standard ones that come in 50 packs for $10 or $11. Crimps on both side of the swivel, and just crank it on.

    No snap swivels when targeting tuna. Keep it small.