Trolling for Sailfish on Spinning Reel

Discussion in 'Billfish' started by Wowiem, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Wowiem

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    Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to ask everyone here if this would work? Im planning to troll for sailfish with this setup. I really want to experience a sailfish on aspinning reel. I caught my first with a tld 25 on mono but this time i want to try sailfish on my spinning setups.

    This is what I'm planning
    A 10000 Saragosa Spinning Reel Loaded with a 55lb braid connected to a 100lb/80lb mono leader or flouro via FG knot then ball bearing snap.
    My drop back system with be a du Bro EZ release clip.

    Also are sailfish leader shy or do i need to use flouro or mono would be ok for sails?

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  2. lsheaf

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    I don't think that they are leader shy.

    [email protected] Senior Member

    Sails on a spinner /no problem.I would use 50 or 60# mono or flouro leader.Instead of the release clip you might just fish with the bail open ,wrap a piece of phone wire or rigging wire around reel seat in front of reel and form a U in the wire like a finger holding onto your line.When you get bit it drops back line.I don't think a release clip gives you much of a drop back.
    If you do use a bb snap keep it on the small side.I wouldn't even use one .If your bait spins it's not rigged properly.
    Good luck and release those sails ,they taste terrible.

  4. Now Voyager

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    Probably released 20 Pacific sailfish on spinning rods, all bait and switch off a teaser. If you are targeting Atlantic Sailfish, I would go with 30 pound braid since they are smaller. 55LB braid will be to heavy in my opinion. 80LB mono or spectra leader is more than enough as well. I think you have a better shot by pulling big teasers and switching the fish off the teaser onto a pitch bait.
  5. Wowiem

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I was worried that trolling with braid might affect my landing rate for the sails as it is not recommended.
    The setup is actually for jigging but would just like to troll with it to catch some Sails :)

    @Capt Dave Will try one rod with the copper wire and the other with the Du Bro Release CLip and see which is much better as It is also fished with the bail open and I already bought a couple. If I only knew :)

    @VOyager I Have not tried pitching bait for sailfish as I have not seen that done here in the Philippines,
    Might try pitching for Sail though looks very effective after the initial strike :)
    What we do here is we just troll for them using a rigged flying fish.
  6. pompeypat

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    Hi Wowiem...It's common for people to fish with fixed spool reels for Sailfish in Rompin Malaysia. PE3 will be enough. Mostly they cast lures or drift livebait. I've slow trolled livebaits with an elastic band round the line and reel handle to give a bit of drop back. Works fine. Have fun!

  7. Wowiem

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    Thanks Pat, for the reply. My line is heavy because I will also use the reel for jigging. My plan was to troll for sailfish before we reach the jigging area. :)