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This boat will flat out haul buns. You could never open up the throttles in the GOM with our seas but it would be fun trying.

Here are the numbers if you are wondering. RPM,MPH,GPH,MPG

1500 9.5 8.1 1.17
2000 13.6 14.4 0.94
2500 23.7 19.7 1.20
3000 33.2 25.7 1.29
3500 40.1 32.4 1.24
4000 47.4 42.4 1.12
4500 53.0 52.7 1.01
5000 59.3 65.8 0.90
5500 66.0 87.4 0.76
6000 70.1 99.2 0.71


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Very cool!

MrBill- How does that Contender's transom handle all of that weight?

I'm a novice regarding boat design etc., but they seem to sit really close to the water, and if there were a couple of guys fishing back there, along with an ice chest, wouldn't the weight allow the water to go over the cowlings sometimes?

I will probably have to agree with you. I'm sure the boat has hydraulic trim tabs to help while the boat is running. Trolling or idling with a few big boys standing on the back deck would not be a pretty sight. Triples on the boat are too much. Triple trouble. It's hard enough to keep a pair running in top condition. Trips will you back 75K mounted with controls and tax. They just don't last long. Before you know it, the warranty is over and big problems happen.

I never have liked the way Clamp-Ons get in the way with a fish on at the transom. If you have two people on board with two fish on, it's hard to hold a rod in one hand and maneuver the boat with the other hand.

One of these days, Contender, Intrepid, Venture, Fountain, or Yellowfin will see the light and put a pair of small diesels in those go-fast boats. Give it a little wider beam and get rid of the Clamp-Ons. Longer range, better reliability, better sound, and longevity.
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