Tribute to Snagged - and Bret, Betsi, Scott and Brandon

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by DeepBlueGulf, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. DeepBlueGulf

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    Here you go folks, here is a picture of Snagged (Jerry), holding the platter given as a prize to the Hard Likker team at the Deep Sea Roundup for their class winning Jack Crevalle! Congratulations guys! and Betsi!

    The first time I saw this picture I thought it was one from Snagged's days with the WWF, you know, one of them fancy belt buckle trophy type things the wrasslers wear, but someone corrected me!

    Tom - DeepBlueGulf

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  2. STx Fisherman

    STx Fisherman Senior Member

    We ribbed Jerry quite a bit about his catch....but....we were jealous. Congrats to the Hard Likker and Jerry!

  3. awesum

    awesum Senior Member

    Nice Pic ....A win is a win!

  4. jt2hunt

    jt2hunt Senior Member

    way to help clear the gulf of the unwanted bait snatchers! btw somebody taking the picture has an ugly mug in the reflection on that platter!

    in all seriousness, great win by an experienced and accomplished fisherman!

    really, congratulations

    take care,

    jason and amy
  5. Bret

    Bret Senior Member

    Tom, thanks for posting that pic.. Jerry is one hell of a fisherman. He somehow seems to outfish us nearly everytime we go out. Now Jerry, you need to get to feeling better so we can fish some more.
  6. Pope

    Pope Senior Member

    We are the champions, we are the time for losers cause we are the champions...of Port A!