Treasury: Telephone tax refund for everyone

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    Good news folks!

    NEW YORK ( - After losing several court battles, the U.S. Treasury on Thursday said it would provide refunds to consumers for a federal excise "luxury" tax on long-distance service, the origins of which date back to 1898 to help pay for the Spanish-American War.

    The refund will apply to the 3 percent excise tax billed to them on long-distance service since Feb. 28, 2003 and will include interest. Consumers will be able to claim it on their 2006 tax returns, which they will file in 2007.

    "Today is a good day for American taxpayers; it marks the beginning of the end of an outdated , antiquated tax that has survived a century beyond its original purpose, and by now should have been ancient history," said Treasury Secretary John Snow in a statement.,,id=161506,00.html
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    Thanks, Seagull. For the record, I have objected to this tax since its inception. I resented at the time, and I resent to this day, the fact that President McKinley totally ignored my letter urging him oppose it. I had hoped that it might be repealed in the early 1900 s, but then Teddy Roosevelt got into office, and, owing his presidency to San Juan Hill, we all knew he would be no help.