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My job will have me in Hartford CT. 80% of the time with weekends off until May or so... So I'm looking to learn whats in the area as far as Party boat \Group charter recomendations.
Last week end they had a Fish and Hunt show in Hartford that I was going to attend but had to make a trip to UAE-Dubai. for meetings, Just got back to Galveston tonight and will head back to Hartford Monday.
I know it's winter now and I might just have to settle with poker turny's at Foxwoods for a while:eek: But when the time is right NJ to Maine are open for me to drive to.

Thanks in advance.
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check noreast.com - but you'll have a lot to choose from. helen h is a great boat in hyannis, but that is a ways from hartford.

you could go to long island or north jersey and there are a ton of boats there. the crowds are a bit different than TX crowds though....just warning you :)
Kevin ....I will help you out. Shoot me a PM
same here, depending on how far you would like to drive there are quite a few boats that pop into my minds.
Thanks for the replies. I'll surf the Noreast.com site.
I like my winter offshore trips in Texas but....
Although not much, these snow piles around here will keep me
in recon mode for a little bit.
I'm thinking about possibilities in April, May.
I did not bring up any rigs this time but would plan
on it in the end of march.
A 4 to 5 hour drive on a Friday afternoon to catch a boat
on Sat should be no problem. Of cource I have no idea how long
it would take to circumvent NYC to get to say Cape May.

anyway I'll see what developes..

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yeah, just avoid rush hour at all costs.....same goes when you get closer to philly too.

they're still fishing now for seabass and such, just wear lots and lots of layers, hahaha
When you see Noreast.com Charter forum, there are many fishing charters planned for members.
I also have many fishing trips planned in MA or NH from mid April.
Let me know what kind of fishing trips you are interested in.
OK well, there isnt really a reason to drive 4-5 hours there is a fleet of party boats out of rhode island called the frances fleet Welcome To Frances Fleet-New England's Premier Fishing Fleet i sail with them on everything from cod,fluke,seabass, stripped and blues, to offshore tuna and georges bank cod. they are a really nice operation and are very good to sail with i know most of them very well. they sail from point judith and its only about a 2 1/2 hour drive from hartford. check the site.
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