Travel Reccomendations for Panama

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  1. Jrzrider83

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    I am considering putting a trip together to panama and was looking for some recommendations as far as itinerary. I will be flying from Dulles (IAD) and flying to panama city. it looks like COPA has a direct flight that departs 6ish and arrived 10ish. all other flights have layovers and don’t arrive until later in the evening. since trips of this nature typically require another jumper air flight or long ground transport the COPA flight seems ideal as I would be able to get to a resort all in the same day. The COPA flight is typically only 20-30 bucks more which would more than cover a overnight stay in panama city. However, I have heard there may be baggage problems with COPA pertaining to Rods and tackle. Their web site states a maximum of 62 inches which would limit everything besides fly rods. I have also heard other horror stories about line being taken off spools which were carried on so that as well concerns me.

    Any information that would help me plan this trip from those of you who have been fortunate enough to take a trip like this already would be greatly appreciated.
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    id fly IAD to IAH via continental over flying direct with Copa due to the baggage issues. Delta and northwest fly direct from atlanta if youd rather use those airlines.

    newark is also direct on continental as well.

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    For 75 bucks you can check in a rod tube for copa up to 107 inches.

    You dont have to worry about lines on reels, thats only in coasta rica.
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    Continental worked out very well for me and I also enjoyed the overnite stay in Panama City. Not exactly the answer you are looking for but this was what worked good for me.