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Torium 50

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Anyone see the new Torium 50 in the Dec Sportfishingmag? From Shimano's site, it looks like the drag has been increased to 30#s vs 20#a for the T30. I wonder if they upgraded the antireverse? Torium 50

Who's gonna be the first to buy one?

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The gear ratio says 6.2to1 in the mag and 4.9to 1 on shimanos site. Dont like star drags.
Is it better then saltis?It looks to be 80-100 bucks more for it.
edit-just saw it holds double the line as the saltis. Thats nice. BUt ya like ashton said, shimano has it at 4.9:1 and all the website selling them say 6.2:1.
If the Torium 50 is like the other Torium series then it will have the same gear ratio as the Trinidad 50. Even though the gear ratio is only 4.9 it is still pulling in 45" of line per crank with a full spool. If you are using spectra then you don't have any advantages IMHO in going to the Torium 50 because 20lb of drag will tire most people out after a prolonged battle and unless you can strap yourself in, 30lb of drag will be decorating the bottom of the Gulf with your rig after the hook falls out of the fishes mouth.

Yes you might be able to get the fish in quicker and yes many will set the drag at 20lb and only move the drag up on a really big fish but the guys who start out with 30lb of drag will be cussing up a storm and be pissed the rest of the trip when the rod gets yanked out of their hands!

Also, Why not save a little longer and just go with a metal 2speed? This reel is the size of a 4/0W and is too bulky for prolonged casting or jigging duty.
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