Tony Reyes-sea of Cortez-1wk-6/08

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    Allright people, I'm tossing around an idea that i've had for close to 20 yrs now.
    My Dad did a couple of these Midriff Isl. trips back in the '80's and it was awesome! according to some recent reports on Senortuna & bloodydecks,
    it still is, and the price for a fully catered week in the Midriff islands is still
    very affordable
    I would like to get 10-12 anglers together for a trip in early june '08
    it will be a logistical PITA, requiring Mx. liscenses, & a minimum of a 120m.
    road trip into San Felipe, from Mexicali or Tecate.
    if you go to, you can see the pricing, what to expect,etc.
    Are there any people out there that have considered something like this?
    there is a slim to none chance on tuna, but lots of big yellows, WSB, Cabrilla, Grouper, And giant black seabass are the norm. Tony Reyes is the "O.G"
    of panga fishing.
    Let's see some interest. I don't wanna have to go by myself
    -Tight lines
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    I have never driven into Baja from the eastern side (Mexicali or Tecate), but I hear the roads are good all the way to Loreto or maybe Mulege. I wouldn't worried about driving down by myself. I would rent a car in Tuscon and drive in though. Its a long drive to that part of the border from here. Sounds like a good trip.

  3. lite-liner

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    I've driven this trip and many others into Baja. it's really not that bad
    just kinda like up here; watch out for idiots & don't pi$$ off the cops!
    Actually the trip from Mexicali to SFelipe is really easy, right down whats left of the Mighty colorado delta. its amazing to know that just 3-400miles upstream this river is a monster. down there, you can walk across it.
    San Felipe is really an amazing little town from what i remember.
    the tidal flow is huge, like 1/4-1/2 mile on some beaches.
    I'm considering flying into my Dad's place in San Diego, then driving down.
    def. less hassle
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    Hey Brian!

    It mentions that later into the season -probably around Sept?- you could expect a shot at roosterfish.

    Do you know what kind of chance?
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    I know rooster are caught around loreto, mulege, la paz, mazatlan,
    which puts them @ the right latitudes for midriff, but I dont think the real trophy fish are up that far. then again, I've never been there, soI really don't know. worth a shot, if you like the 120 deg august sun......
    June is quite cool in upper-middle Baja usually highs in the lo 90's,lows at night around 60. lots of fog from warmer water temps. Mid- June seems to be
    the killer time as far as # of species. by the way, I'm real partial to
    catching yellowtail. I love 'em & I don't even have a 30#er yet!
    Total blast when these fish are wide open!
    sure would like to make this happen.......
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    I have never driven into Baja from the eastern side (Mexicali or Tecate), but I hear the roads are good all the way to Loreto or maybe Mulege. I wouldn't worried about driving down by myself. I would rent a car in Tuscon and drive in though. Its a long drive to that part of the border from here. Sounds like a good trip.
    I rented a car at San Diego and drove down to Loreto with my wife a few years ago. Road condition is not bad ( I even drove at night). I highly recommned to drive into lower Baja.
    If I can find time, I'd like to do it again. You can puchase Mexican auto insurance at rental car office
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    Had a buddy do one of these trips a few years ago. While you're on the trip, you leave you truck/car at Tony Reyes' place; definitely safe.

    Here's a link to a report of a recent trip with lots of pictures.
  8. ahistick

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    Had a buddy do one of these trips a few years ago. While you're on the trip, you leave you truck/car at Tony Reyes' place; definitely safe.

    Here's a link to a report of a recent trip with lots of pictures with a pretty good cost breakdown for such a trip.

    Tony Reyes San Felipe Adventure -
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    Interested and looking forward to more information.
  10. Ragman

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    After reading that report, I want to do this Brian!

    I've always wanted a multi-day trip where you use relatively light tackle and fish shallower waters!

    The price of $165 a day is a steal!!!

    Got to go sell A BUNCH of stuff if you put this trip together!

    Maybe T.O.O. should work their magic to see if he can put together 27 from 360 and 2Cool?
  11. ksong

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    I fished Midriff Islands on the mothership Erik last couple of years and always had a great time.

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    I couldn't join this year's trip due to exploratory jigging/popping trip to Gulf of Mexico, but guys who went on the Erik just returned with extraordinary reports. See their reports below.

    Simply put.......

    The best trip of my life!

    Soup to nuts....from great charter deal! to fish rags and everything in between.....Jack had it covered and worked his azz off to ensure a fantastic time for all on board including the crew....WHO KNEW they were SO INTO golfing. lol
    Thank you Jack! As I said when the trip was over "This one's gonna be hard to top!"

    Pre-trip dinner in San Felipe was fun and got to meet and drink with the guys and ladies from the West Coast who were joining us on the trip. They were for the most part doing a combo fishing/diving trip and sure didn't lack anything in the fishing department. Great meeting and fishing with them and hope to get together with them again sometime. Always fun to trade stories over cocktails about how others fish and what they fish for. Learned lots of good stuff about how to fish Northern California.

    The new boat is without question a few clicks up from the Eric. Much larger staterooms, huge air conditioned galley lots more cockpit area for fishing humbolts, making bait, laying out the days catch.....and golfing .

    I'm not too good at remembering which spots we fished on which days so I'll let others fill in that part but what I can say is that every session was productive and we all got into every fish we targeted. Lots of fun flatlining whole macs for cabrilla. Our guide Shorty gave us (Sean and me were panga partners) the low-down on the best techniques and we has a blast.....cabrilla would hit the baits like a fire alarm....hold on and don't let em back into the rocks!!!!
    When I'd get rocked the first thing you'd hear from Shorty was his snoring sound "Zzzzzzzzzzz" lol, ballbuster.

    One session I ran out of bait and jigged for cabrilla and to Shorty's surprise.....took four nice fish on a silver/orange Braid jig that Kil gave us on last years trip. Cabrilla teeth weren't very kind to the paint on it however.

    My biggest cabrilla for the trip was a beefy sucka that I caught on day one.....weighed just over 19lbs after it was gilled and it was 20+

    Also caught a big ray that totally kicked my ass on chunk mac (head). I never want to catch another one! lol. Easily over 100 lbs, I couldn't lift it off the deck. Those things are STRONG. Our pangero said to boil it for a few minutes and then pan-fry in butter and they're "DELICIOUS"

    Yellowtail bite was sick on jigs. I used Salas and hammered diamonds with equal success. Bigger than last year but didn't see lots of the 30-40 lbers of the trip the week before ours. More in the 15-20 lb range....but they fight like hell and basically there were as many as we wanted to catch.....just follow those birds!

    I brought my 6'6" boat cod rod, my 8' tuti-fruity cod rod, a Trevala rod, a 5'5" stand-up roller rod and that's it.....I think . Used a Torium 20, Saltiga 40, Pro-Gear 545, and a Newell P447F

    Can't wait to see the pictures. We had a new photographer on this years trip....a crazy little young Canadian guy named Dayo (sp?)...aka Dae-Woo...aka Woo-Tang....aka you name had lots of names by the end of the trip. Great guy, funny bastid. As Max said "Who knew Canadians had personalities" LMAO.

    So anyway, my 'variety' tally for the trip was pargo, cabrilla, yellowtail, small bonita, barred pargo (elusive daytime variety , sorry Mike), grouper, that big ray and.....oh ya....HUMBOLT SQUID.

    I'll give someone else the opportunity to comment on the food we ate....all I'll say is FANTASTIC!!!....due to Jack and the galley guys.

    I got to touch a whale shark ....Sean has the pictures. Also took an afternoon fishing session off and went snorkeling by myself. Beautiful reef fish. The only problem was that Shorty dropped me off in a cave that with the sea surge was like being in a washing machine ....but I finally escaped out a hole in the back. lol

    Lastly, but certainly not least....SUPER TIME fishing with the EAST COAST KREW.....Jack, Max, Ryan, Mike and the best panga partner anyone could ask for....Sean!

    Like I said at the beginning......this one's gonna be tough for me to top!

    Sea of Cortez/Midriff Islands Charter

    Six East Coast guys and thirteen people from California, Nevada, and Mexico chartered the mothership Andrea Lynn from San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. The West Coast group from Cali was Ellsworth, Jessie, Iver, and Eric Lien, John B., Butch and Connie Wolfe. From Nevada was Mike Cassidy and family. From Mexico were Wayne and Delphia.

    From the East Coast, Charter master Jack C.(HungryJack), Max D.(Max171), Mike D.(newyorkcityman), Ryan H.(tkfbk), John F.(shebeen), and myself. Also onboard, from Canada, was our photographer Dao.

    The mothership, Andrea Lynn, 135ft, ten air conditioned staterooms with private baths, a full wet bar tended by Jesus, a huge galley/dining area with first class meals prepared by Chef Poncho and Daito… we ate good!!!! Top deck was a 1000sq. ft. sun deck. The Andrea Lynn is also a fully equipped dive facility, PADI training available onboard, compressors for filling tanks, Nitrox, scuba rentals, provided by Cruise Director/ Dive Instructor Elena Rodriguez. The West coast group did several dives on this trip. The mothership also had the ten 24’ pangas with guides for each for our fishing. This ship was excellent, no comparison to last years ship, the Eric. The crew and whole operation was top notch..

    Fish handling/filleting…. When we came in from fishing a session, our catch was off loaded from the panga, and immediately fillet, put into a ziplock, and into a freezer. At the end of the trip, all the fished was pulled from the hold, and there was a massive pile of fish on the deck. We filled our coolers, dry ice topped it off. Any extra I had was given to our guide Shorty.

    I can not thank Jack enough for organizing this trip. He covers every detail and more, unbelievable the effort he puts into these trips. Everything you needed was there, and then some. Someone wanted to kayak this trip, Jack arranged for 4 new top of the line kayaks to be brought aboard, and were left onboard for future trips. Bait, coolers, tackle, ice, dry ice, soap, shampoo, bottle water, etc., Jack made sure it was there, whatever you needed. The West coast group was very impressed with Jack, many nice comments from them. Thanks again, Jack!!!!

  12. bighead

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    What month do you think you want to do this?
  13. ksong

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    My friend, Jack arranged the Andrea Lynn, new and big 140' mothership of Baja Destination operation which also owns the Erik mothership.
    They want to go back next June again and you might contact him to join the trip. No chartermater can do a better job than Jack as he literally cover every detail for maximum satisfaction for everybody on the boat.

    Here is his assessment of the recent trip on the Andrea Lynn.

    I am very happy everyone had a great trip,
    that was my intention from the start.

    In previous trips we had good fishing and had little tastes of the potential this area holds.
    This year we were fortunate enough to be served a full meal of this potential and experienced what the area can really offer.
    Truly spectacular and world class fishing at times.

    This year I did take an extremely proactive approach to the charter, with many fail safes built in to prevent the occurrence of problems or issues in the previous trip.
    Most were not necessary, as the operation this year is completely different.
    While Gustavo the owner and visionary of this whole operation,
    it was the day to day management of the crew by the new Cruise Director, Elana Rodriguez, aka Marta from Scarface who has transformed the operation. By the end of the trip, Max had new nicknames for everybody.
    Extremely impressive the change from one year to the next,
    and the efforts reflect in the way the crew operates and the general operation of the mother ship.
    Of course I had to tweak things a bit for our needs

    Also a major thanks to Gustavo for being a man of his word and a fishermans' fisherman.
    He did a superb job of helping coordinate the various special needs for our group, that ranged from 4 tons of ice to lumber, transportation of a ton of gear from San Diego to San Felipe,
    and numerous other special requests and I needs we had for this trip.

    It was a great trip for all, including the crew, who had a blast with the crazy gringo's and couldn't wait to see what madness would come next.
    At the end of the trip, after the bus was loaded with the gear and everyone onboard, I did a final check of the mothership.
    In the galley, Elana was holding a crew meeting with all the guides and mothership crew. She gave me a hug and thanked us for an excellent trip, then the entire crew got up and thanked us for a great time as well.

    We also accomplished a number of firsts in the history of Mothership fishing in the Sea of Cortez,
    and were successful at finally night fishing, which offered us yet another taste of killer fishing.
    While this trip might be hard to top,
    I do think that with some small changes in our fishing route,
    and some modifications to the way we night fish,
    we could potentially exceed this trip with the cooperation of mother nature and the fish.

    I need a few days to work on a detailed trip report,
    but in a nutshell, as the others mentioned, the fishing was outrageous for most sessions on the trip.
    You could have sank your panga with Yellowtail on 6 out of the 9 sessions.
    In my opinion, the Cabrilla fishing was even better than the YT and Max and I had far more Cabrilla that YT in the fish box as we choose to fish for them more often, often ignoring a wild YT bite to concentrate on the even better Cabrilla bite.
    In previous trip, a 10 pound fish were semi scarce, this trip 10's were common and they weren't considered "grande" until they were 15 or more pounds. There were about a dozen Cabrilla in the 18-20+ pound range, when we had 1 in that size range in the previous two trips.
    There was only one big fish landed, a 180-190 pound Giant Black Seabass, but other large fish were hooked, just not landed.
    I tangled with a half a dozen very large grouper and lost each battle, 46+ pounds of drag was not enough to stop them.

    We had a great time in San Felipe on Friday night at our usual restaurant and local nighttime entertainment establishment.
  14. lite-liner

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    Well, then, I guess I'll start the ball rolling then. I'll call Willie today
    got a couple TFF people that wanna go...
    New moon in June '08.
    I'll call Longfin & see about ins, trans., accom., etc.
    looks like 18-20 anglers are needed, minimum
    good to see some interest!!!
  15. lite-liner

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    looks like 6/8-6-15 is waxing moon
    6/22-6/28 waning moon
    june is the time y'all!!
    plus I got a kitchen pass from the boss if I coordinate it
    w/ a family trip to the folks in O.C.
    I will have a rental or my Dad and I will be going together from S.D
    so there's room for 2 more from S.D. to san felipe....
    If it's Ok, I would like to post up over on 2cool....
    we need 27 anglers ready for this to happen.
    who's ready for the BAJA!!!!!
  16. FWM0103

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    I would sure like to be one those 27 anglers, please put me on the list.
  17. Bill'em

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    I hav ebeen on many of these trips. My family is very good freinds with the owners. If you hav eany questions drop me a PM
  18. FWM0103

    FWM0103 Member


    Any new info regarding this trip???
  19. lite-liner

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    Heck, it looked like interest fizzled. doesn't mean I don't wanna
    do it though. just had to take over Ronnie's Venice trip, so i've
    been focused on that. I managed to fill all the spots, so it looks
    like i am going to Venice after all!
    Even if there's not 20 here that wanna go, we could still probably get on
    another charter that's only half-booked or something like that.
  20. ksong

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    If you don't have enough guys to charter the whole boat, I recommend to consider to join Jack's charter on the 135' Andrea Lynn next June.
    I've never seen any charter master spend so much time to prepare and coordinate the charter as Jack did. Most mothership boats out of San Felipe, Baja are very old and are not comfortable. I toured teh Andea Lynn when I fished on the Erik last year. The boat looks like a luxurious long range boat out of San Diego.

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  21. lite-liner

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    Kil - how can I get in touch w/ your friend Jack?
    If this comes together, will you join us?

    Who out there is interested in exploring this further?