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    Had a lower loin steak left over from last night out side grill session.
    So for a quick lunch dish.
    In a small ribbed grilling style fry pan.
    2 tbs real butter, 1 tbs olive oil.
    1/4 cup onion, 1/4 sorano pepper, pinch of cilantro leaves

    Jamacia seasoned sea salt & cajun seasoning,kinda heavy
    on one side, move satueed veg to side of pan. Grill tuna med high heat
    spice side down 2-3 min. Add sea salt and lemon juice to upside.
    Turn tuna. after 1\2-1 min lower heat complete cookink to likeing.
    For me on this one, outside half white, inside half pink. or Med well as far
    as a tuna steak goes.
    Serve blackened side up place satueed veg on steak.
    Take picture, enjoy, no need to share.
    Too early for wine so fresh coffee went well.

    Nothing new with this dish just trying out my new camera.


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