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Discussion in 'Reels' started by Poonsniper, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Poonsniper

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    Hi all,

    I just bought a 18k Stella SW18000HG and plan on using it to pop BFT around the north east (mainly NJ waters) but I'm having second thoughts now.

    My question here is:
    1. is the 18k overkill? it does seem much larger then my 14k saltiga
    2. I always see aftermarket accessories on Stellas and what are the absolute must have as far as knobs/spools go?

    *if you were to go with a 14k stella for popping which model would you get?
  2. a1flyfishr

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    The 18k is perfect IMO especially if you’re fishing off CC. As far as upgrades the two most important to me are the handle and spool. I have the MC Works BB handle and the Yumeya spool on my 18k. Not saying these two items are easy to find and inexpensive but they are worth the wait and money. On my 14k I have the Nature Boys RPS bobbin spool and the SOM handle. As far as handles I favor the MC Works, with the spools the Nature Boys Bobbin system would be more cost effective if you were to purchase other spools for the same Reel. You only need one bobbin and can change to another spool without the cost of another bobbin. No problems with any drag issues or line capacity on either brand spool.

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  3. semipro

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    It is not overkill at all,if you have Saltiga 14000 already why another 14k
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  4. lite-liner

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    If I was "pimping" a new stella to the stable...
    1) break down the drag and re- grease with Cal's to your
    2) buy a backup spool and fill it for any application the existing one can't cover.
    3) For the 18k, I use an "Ultimate jigging" 118mm crank arm with a GPA 45mm hi-density EVA knob. I have upgraded the knob bearings to ABEC-7 ceramic due to previous water intrusion issues.
    4) I dont like the color gold, so I dumped the gold handle cap and replaced it with a silver one from a 10k-FA

    that's the extent of my "pimpage"
  5. Lilmie28

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    There are many aftermarket accessories out there. To me, functionality is key. Looks is just for appeal. Haha
  6. Poonsniper

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    Thanks for the responses all! Now if i needed to service a stella with all the accesories mentioned (knob/spool/others) would i need to swap out to all original parts before sending it back to shimano? Thank you!