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  1. VaRandy

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    My 10 does not freespool anymore and several dealers and individuals have told me parts are unavailable for the 5 and 10 models. Also I have a 15 so what parts should I order while I still can and from whom?

    Thank you
  2. jaredchasteen

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    pm alantani on this board he will help you.

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    Many parts are still available. Shimano is the best source but I also use Southwestern Parts ( Southwestern Parts & Service - Your Source for Fishing Reel Repair, Parts, and Service! ) for mine. I just rebuilt a trashed TLD 10 a bit ago. Many parts from the TLD 15 fit and it is still in production. Example: you can cut down the drag washer from the TLD 15 to fit. Of course, you could order a carbontex one from Smoooth drag also.
  4. alantani

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    david is right on the money..........

    the bearings are standard metric sizes. no mystery there. the drag washer is available from Pricing Information, SMOoOTH DRAG *** Can Stop Anything *** Toll Free: 888-206-4656 you can get bearings, cal's grease and reel x at smooth drag as well. if the quadrant and handle are corroded, call shimano at 877-577-0600 and get the tld 15 quadrant and handle. they are the same. that should cover all of the parts that typically need replacing. the rebuild procedure is the same as the tld 15. good luck! alan
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    Thank you all for your responses. To Alantani, I looked at your rebuild piece on the TLD15. At the end you indicate it was capabile of a 15 lb dead lift I believe. You then said something about until "loss of freespool". I don't understand the relationship. I do still have an excellent TLD 10 without freespool. The spool can be shifted by hand.
    I don't see in your rebuild how the lever in freespool shifts the spool over to the left. I also have a TLD 15, both were purchased right when they put the reel out.

    Any thoughts?

    Do you or others you know rebuild them and put in Carbonex washers?

    Thank you.
  6. alantani

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    what you do is turn down the preset knob until you just start to loose freespool, then back it off just a little. now throw the lever forward to strike and measure the drag. this is your maximum drag at strike before losing freespool.

    the rebuild process is a little tedious, but not hard. you should be able to service this one yourself. alan