titanium guide crushes blank!!??

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by bingfish, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Hi Guys, Im building a med.light action 7' spinning popping rod for a friends son. All was well until I started to attach the first (stipper) guide. After temporarily attaching guide, I started to wrap, as i always do, same tension, same everything. 3/4 the way up the guide foot I heard a crushing noise? Upon inspection, the guide foot actually sunk down into and crushed the blank, bad:mad: Thought well thats weird, grabbed another blank and started over, SAME THING. Even after loosening the tension device even more! I've built tons of rods and have never had this happen or even heard of it!:eek: The only different factor that I can think of is this is the first time Ive used the recoil guides. Any Ideas? Thanks
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    I've had this happen .Many, many moons ago. when I was young at rod building.Too much tension was my problem.I learned quickly how much was too much. I can't imagine what your problem could be. inferior quality blank?I've never heard of a particular guide causing this,But who knows. Hope you figure it out.

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    Sounds like a problem with the blank. There's not too much chance of the guide foot causing the blank to cave in...........unless there is a sharp spur on the bottom of the guide foot. Even with that it would take some time to wear into the blank and weaken it to the point of failure.
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    I'd venture out and say it's because you suck at rod building and you should give your wrapping machine to me!!

    Kidding, I'm still baffled by this and I hope someone on here has some sort of possible explanation. Did you ever call Mudhole? I'm sure those guys will take care of the blanks. Too bad they can't give you back the handle components or time.
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    There are some very nice blanks made overseas, so I wouldn't insult a Chinese made blank! JM blanks are made overseas and are held in very high regard!